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Welcome to our website!  Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you enjoy browsing through all the products we have to offer.  Have fun and indulge in a little affordable luxury!

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  • If we are localish do you provide pick up

    • Catherine King
  • Do you still sell little bottles of essence?

    • janet Patel
  • Do you carry shower pucks??

    • Leslee Fidler
  • Just wondering if you will have any of the patchouli hand soap in time for Christmas? Thanks

    • Robin Neely
  • I just wanted to thank you personally for your delivery of bath bombs in Petrolia. We are under quarantine because my daughter has been placed in self-isolation and can’t leave the house for two weeks. My daughter suffers from high anxiety, and bath bombs are one of her go-to to get centred again. Having these hand made bath bombs is an absolute sanity saver! Right after we got them, my daughter headed to the tub with music and a bath bomb… It’s the little things right now that help us all. I want you to know how appreciated your work is!

    • Emilie