Soap Facts (FAQ's)

Is your soap organic?

Our soap is not organic.  The oils we use are not from organic vegetable plants.

Is your soap biodegradable?

Our cold process soap is biodegradable.  It is safe to use in lakes, etc.

Why does my soap look slightly different each time I order it?

We like to keep our creative, artistic side alive by continually trying new designs, shapes and colours.  Rest assured, however, the ingredients NEVER change!!

What is the weight and dimensions of your soap?

Our soap each weigh at least 4 oz.  Most weigh closer to 5 oz.  The dimensions are approximately 4” x 2.5” x 1”.  Our bars are rather large.  They can be easily cut in half with a sharp knife.  This is a great idea for those with smaller hands.

How long does each bar last?

Each bar should last between 4-6 weeks once you start to use it.  Glycerin soap will wear down faster than the cold process soap.  Make sure to put your soap on a soap holder with holes in it to keep it dry between uses.  Also, the longer you wait to use a cold process bar, the longer it will last when you do use it.  This is because the bar continues to cure and get harder before use.  The shelf life for unused soap is 1-2 years.  Also, if you cut your bars in half, the other half has longer to cure and will last longer.

How long does the scent last?

The scent will last right through the use of the entire bar.  If you are waiting to use it, the scent will last at least a year.

Is your soap all natural?

Our cold process soap is all natural.  Glycerin, although it is a vegetable base, is not all natural.

What is the difference between cold process and glycerin soap?

The biggest difference is that glycerin is a base you can purchase.  You can then create wonderful shapes, scents and colours to the base.  Our cold process soap is made from scratch with olive oil and shea butter in every bar.  Olive oil is the main ingredient in each bar.  Cold process soap is a much better aid in nourishing and moisturizing your skin.  Many people love glycerin soap and won

Do you use animal products in your soap?

We do not use any animal products in ANY of our soap (our goat’s milk soap does contain goat’s milk).  Check soap labels carefully for

Why use handmade soap?

In the process of soap making, glycerin is produced.  Commercial soapmakers remove this glycerin from their soap and put it in their lotions.  So, their soap can leave your skin dry and itchy and you then need the lotion to remoisturize.  Our handmade from scratch soap retains all of it

What are the ingredients in your cold process soap?

Our ingredients are olive oil, palm oil, canola oil, coconut oil, shea butter, colour (mica, clay or oxides), rosemary oleoresin (comes from the rosemary leaf and helps keep oil from going rancid) & scent (essential oil and/or fragrance).  Some soaps also contain coconut milk or colloidal oats.